New Twitter Account: Kilbride_in_ROK

After leaving the DarfurConflict Twitter account, I decided to start a new account focusing on my current home nation, South Korea. Based on my experience working on the Darfur Conflict, I became persuaded of the value of Twitter as a platform for disseminating news and creating an online community focused on topics of ongoing interest and development. What I realized was that I knew a great deal about the politics, economics, and regional situation of Sudan, and yet (having never lived there) I knew very little about the society and how it played out on a daily basis.

In Korea, the case was the exact opposite. Having lived here from 2007-2009, worked in several educational settings, and become engaged to a Korean woman, I knew a great deal about Korean culture, lifestyle, customs, and the pace of everyday living. Where I lacked knowledge was on the broader scale: how Korea interacted with the rest of the world economically, how the rest of the world perceived Korea, and what political discussions were transpiring. I hope as I get more involved with my new account, my comprehensive knowledge of Korea will grow accordingly.

To visit my site, please visit!/Kilbride_in_ROK. It’s currently in its infancy, but keep checking back.


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