Caring for Cambodia

Caring for Cambodia is an NGO operating in Siem Reap Province, Cambodia, one of the poorest areas of the country. CFC, as it is commonly known, has supported education at several schools for the last decade, slowly expanding to reach a larger population and to broaden their range of services.

Over time, CFC realized its capacity to manage its growth was becoming insufficient, and so CFC contacted Lehigh University’s College of Education to assist in the professionalization of the NGO. Through the  Lehigh-CFC Partnership, Lehigh courses focus on building the institutional knowledge of CFC and attempt to devise policies and programs that will allow CFC to better serve its students.

I was fortunate to join the International Education Program the same semester this Partnership began, and I have been a part of four different projects associated with the Partnership. Below are the products of my efforts. All papers that were written as part of a larger team are noted as such. Please contact me for a copy of any.

  • Capacity Assessment of Lehigh’s College of Education for Partnership with Caring for Cambodia (2009 – Team Paper)
  • Preparing Secondary School Graduates for the Siem Reap Labor Market  (2010 – Team Paper) Presented to Caring for Cambodia founder Jamie Amelio in February 2011 and at the Comparative & International Education Society’s North American Conference in Montreal, May 2011
  • The Aranh Cuthbert Junior High School: Expanding the CFC Child-Friendly Schooling Model (2010 – Team Paper)
  • Operational Plan for a CFC Work-Study Program (2011 with Steve De Rosa)
  • Current & Recent Projects in Basic Education in Cambodia: An Overview (2011)

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