Beomeo Elementary School

In September 2011, I began working as the visiting English language teacher at Beomeo Elementary School in Yangsan, South Korea, a burgeoning city on the northern outskirts of Busan. My position was secured through the Visiting Teacher program (EPIK) run by the Gyeongsangnam-do Office of Education.

At Beomeo, I taught 3-6 grades. In January 2012, I designed a week-long winter camp and taught a lower-level version of it to 3-4 graders the first week, and a slightly higher-level version to 5-6 graders the following week. In July 2012, I designed and taught a similar program for the summer vacation.

I also participated in several trainings for the position, including a one-day seminar on co-teaching, a 15-hour online course introducing the Korean education system, and an online course on the basics of linguistics, language acquisition and teaching ESL in Korea. In March 2012, I participated in EPIK’s six-day Teacher Training Program in Seoul.

Trying on the hanbok during Epik training

In August 2012, I left Beomeo to take my current position at Pusan National University.

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