Certification Program

From Fall 2009 to Spring 2011, I completed a four-course series on Teaching English as a Foreign Language at the Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania. The program is certified as the mandatory training course for public school teachers in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The courses covered the following topics:

  • Second Language Acquisition Theory
  • Instructional Materials
  • Diversity & Multiculturalism
  • Student Evaluation & Support Services
As part of the courses, I completed the following assignments:
  • A data analysis of speech samples from a Korean English language learner, focusing on the subject’s use of prepositions
  • An application of the analysis mentioned above to Chomsky’s Universal Grammar theory and contrasted with potential application to the Connectionist hypothesis
  • A background study on Malaysia, followed by an educational unit designed to incorporate a Malaysian student in an American mainstream classroom 
  • A presentation on the use of rubrics in evaluating ESL students, with an emphasis on developing adaptations for English language learners
  • A series of brochures in English, Spanish and Korean outlining the extracurricular opportunities that exist specifically for international students at Lehigh University
  • An overview paper outlining the existing assessment types used for English language learners in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, both formally at the state level and informally in a selection of local schools

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