Twitter – Darfur Conflict

From October 2009-September 2011, I acted as the main contributor to the Twitter account DarfurConflict. The account was initiated by request from the United Nation’s Department for Public Information.

Through Twitter, I developed a strong working knowledge of the situation in Sudan as a whole, as well as its relations with its neighboring countries. I likewise gained a strong understanding of the advocacy community in the US and abroad, the work being done by UN agencies and other international NGOs on the ground, as well as the range of media outlets that cover issues in Sudan on a regular basis.

For a good background on the topic, I suggest Rebecca Hamilton’s new book Fighting for Darfur: Public Action and the Struggle to Stop Genocide.

At the start of October 2011, Lehigh University reclaimed the project, and as I was a graduate at that point, I ceased to contribute to the account. Instead, I launched my own Twitter account Matthew Kilbride “Kilbride_in_ROK,” which works on the same concept as the Darfur Conflict account, but with a focus instead on the Korean Peninsula and the Korean diaspora.





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